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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FishingScout Gold?

FishingScout Gold is a membership that provides access to premium content and features including:

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe in the app through the ‘Location’s’ tab

What are those symbols in the user profile?


Gold denotes a Gold membership subscriber

Pro awarded to users by the FishingScout staff for their contributions both inside and outside of the app

Star 10 location’s shared, or 25 complete blerts, or 50 comments shared

StarStar 30 location’s shared, or 75 complete blerts, or 250 comments share

StarStarStar 90 location’s shared, or 225 complete blerts, or 1250 comments shared

StarStarStarStar 270 location’s shared, or 675 complete blerts, or 6250 comments shared

StarStarStarStarStar 810 location’s shared, or 2025 complete blerts, or 31,250 comments shared

What are those symbols in the bottom right of the blert?


The symbols indicate the kind of information that can be found in the blert.

Book awarded by staff for particularly informative or descriptive information

Pin Purple Pin - indicates the exact location has been share

Check Check mark - indicates all fields have been complete

What is that red circle with the number in it at the top of the location's tab?


This numbers indicates the number of exact locations that have been shared within the bounds of your current map view.

How do I access my Private Message

Activitystreammarked Pmaccessmarked

When should I post something?

Anglers are interested in all aspects of fishing. The most common Bite Alert (aka 'Blert') shows the fish you just caught. Other types of posts show gear, baits, conditions, boats pics, etc. Blerts of water conditions and top baits are very beneficial to other users. A few examples:

Check out a few popular bite alerts here or the Popular tab in the app to see examples of great Blerts.

Should I post this photo?

Good question! Thanks for asking! Here's a quick test to determine if you should post a photo:
  1. Did you actually take the photo? If no, don't post it. If yes, continue.
  2. Is the photo related to fishing? If no, don't post it. If yes, you should post it.
  3. Does the photo provide useful info for other anglers? If yes, absolutely post it immediately!

Follow these steps and you can help your fellow anglers, log your fishing, and have a great time on FishingScout!

How do I use the feed tab to filter the Blerts I see?

Use the Follow feature to filter what content shows up in your Feed tab (shown below). The Feed tab displays only the pictures posted by people you follow. You can follow friends and other anglers who fish the lakes or bays you are interested in. To filter Blerts in the 'All' tab, you can turn on the region filter in the Angler settings menu. This will only show Blerts from your subscribed states.

Followstep1marked Followmarked

How do I share to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Text?

FishingScout makes it very simple to share Blerts to Facebook and Twitter as well as directly to your friends via SMS or Email. You can select sharing options when submitting a Blert or you can share a Blert afterwards by tapping the upper righthand corner.

Sharingoptionsmarked Sharingpt2marked

FishingScout news?

For the latest info follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the FishingScout Blog.

Is there an Android version?

Yes! Click here to download it from Google Play.

Still have a question?

Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you -