Other Saltwater Fishing Report 11/23/2015


came across this pic that I forgot I had the last time I caught a big ugly I used this syringe with a thick needle and sharp tip to go thru these tuff skins..my company has them for us to use but didn't buy it for work I bought it for this purpose works great for airing out the fish with no harm it airs them out completely plus needle is long so glad I got it since theirs many more to come 👍👌

  • Black Drum

  • shot needle from work lol
November 24, 2015


  • Stamp_496d7390-d9fd-4cbb-ba60-593a7f92b5e1 fishineer88 Is that necessary? I thought you only had to do that when you pulled fish out of deep water

    about 2 years

  • Stamp_9b62e039-c2a0-4bae-9de6-749c08195ff7 slatwater alot of ppl think it's not but it is I've witness ppl throw them back without doing it and the fish starts floating then they die.. so if ur able to do this go ahead it doesn't hurt the fish

    about 2 years

  • Stamp_9b62e039-c2a0-4bae-9de6-749c08195ff7 slatwater I do it to every black drum and bull reds they get air automatically when they come out the water @fishineer88

    about 2 years

  • Stamp_496d7390-d9fd-4cbb-ba60-593a7f92b5e1 fishineer88 Gotcha. That makes sense that they get air quickly that way

    about 2 years

  • Avatar-200 hunter_nessen If there's not a lot of air there which there generally isn't when caught in shallow water then it can hurt the fish

    about 2 years

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