Other Saltwater Fishing Report 10/24/2016


Perfect conditions for exploring in the yaks yesterday. Only 1 low tide (late afternoon) that also had a low coefficient meant that the marshes and bayous were on a steady and gentle drain for the 8 hours we were on the water. Cast netted shrimp and finger mullet for the popping cork and threw some arties. Fished marsh edges, current seams and oyster beds. Shifting winds to 10mph, 80*

  • Black Drum

  • DOA TerrorEyz. Revo Toro NaCl with 15lb Seaguar Kanzen fluorocarbon on a Shimano Crucial 7'11" med heavy fast rod.
October 24, 2016


  • Stamp_9144d2a2-8181-4f67-b453-f19fbd286d07 Drew72 Surprise catch of the day was this small and aggressive puppy drum.

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  • Stamp_9144d2a2-8181-4f67-b453-f19fbd286d07 Drew72 Had lots of fun catching specs, black drum and reds. Came close a few times but I wasn't able to land any slots yesterday. Good day on the water with @FamilyCircus

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  • Stamp_faeb98a1-6a81-49b8-9288-ab8f8335ce53 Matthew32505 Cute

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