Other Saltwater Fishing Report 11/12/2015


Drifting in 3-4FOW & free lining large live shrimp. The trout were stacking up in big sand pockets surrounded by rocks & grass. Cast & let the shrimp do its thing before giving the chatter weight a few pops. I like to leave the bail open & lightly pinch the line to feel subtle strikes. They'd strike the shrimp a few times before taking off with it. Closed the bail, reeled my slack & set the hook.

  • Spotted (Speckled) Trout

  • Live Shrimp-Quantum Iron Spinning Reel-7ft Abu Garcia Volatile Rod Med. Action Fast-30lb Marine Blue PP Slick tied to Gold chatter weight & 2ft 20# Fluorocarbon Leader, split shot pegged 6" above 1/0 Gamakatsu shiner hook.
November 12, 2015


  • Stamp_d23713eb-9d42-4cea-84aa-2f2a8991361c gr82bstr8 Caught a total of (7) 15"-18" in a little over an hour.

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  • Stamp_9b62e039-c2a0-4bae-9de6-749c08195ff7 slatwater what they do they hit it meaning killing it and then they come back and eat it that's what happened with live croaker I can feel the croaker going crazy and right at that moment they hit hard

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  • Stamp_3df5a1c6-7b1e-4479-9be2-705f334746ec Reel_Smooth I like fishing live shrimp on a free spool also. It tends to swim and do its thing a lot better. 👍🏽 good info

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  • Stamp_d23713eb-9d42-4cea-84aa-2f2a8991361c gr82bstr8 I completely agree bro @Reel_Smooth

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  • Stamp_e4af90a2-e91f-4fbe-9947-d7564c88f8e5 GoatGirl Nice Trout!

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