Galveston Island Beach Fishing Report 08/11/2017


It was a epic battle my brother and I were at the spot first light with a lively bunch of shrimp & laser sharp hooks on our mirroolures it was every cast, the surf was pounding us in the face glassy green head hi sets of three very 5 seconds I felt like I had a concussion we stood our ground and gave freckle face salty snaggle tooth sea puss a fight. What a trip!

  • Spotted (Speckled) Trout

  • Plastic, eyeballs&wiskers
August 11, 2017


  • Stamp_166a7065-12f3-4e93-bc3d-5816869be9fa mattdavis Was this today?

    7 months

  • Stamp_17f20a41-dcb0-4af0-bbf9-8be55d315c37 GunnerNewberry 2 limits and one to grow on! 😂 looks like an awesome day!! 👍🏻

    7 months

  • Avatar-200 Anthony1 Someone had to take the picture there were three of us we ended up leaving with 28. Epic! Two weeks ago.IMG_0509.png

    6 months

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